The year 2020 will mark the 10th anniversary of the Commercial Operations Date (COD) of Nam Theun 2 Power Company Limited (NTPC). The 10th anniversary is an important milestone for our company with the celebration spread throughout the year 2020 in Vientiane Capital and Khammouane province.

The celebration will invite the public onto a journey of looking back on our achievements over the past decade while setting our sights on the future of the company and how we can further enhance our leadership position in the hydropower sector in Laos.

What are we celebrating?

Nam Theun 2 had launched its commercial operations (COD) on 30th April 2010. A decade later, we are celebrating this milestone and seek to inspire our peers on what it takes to operate a large-scale infrastructure project in Laos safely and responsibly for 10 years. Nam Theun 2 has produced over 60,000 GWh of energy since 2010, generating substantial revenues for the development of the Lao PDR.