Hydrobiology & Ecosystems

Nam Theun 2 provides in-house expertise on water chemistry, hydrobiology, greenhouse gas emission
and wildlife in relation to the Nam Theun 2 hydro system.

Aquatic & Environmental Lab

The Nam Theun 2 Power Company is managing an aquatic and environmental laboratory which is equipped for the monitoring of water properties, greenhouse gas emissions and aquatic life. Our laboratory has partnered with international research organizations such as Université Paul-Sabatier Toulouse France, University of Science and Technology of Hanoi Vietnam, INRA Université Mont Blanc, Institute de recherche pour le development (IRD) National university of Laos and Savannakhet university and is home to many students and researchers who are passionate about the subject.


Monitoring Water Quality

Nam Theun 2 is committed to monitoring water quality in the project area for the entire 25-year span of the concession period. Water quality is crucial to supporting aquatic life thus monitoring it ensures that our activity does not disrupt it. We monitor the water in our reservoir periodically and compare it to the properties of the water release from energy generation and water from the natural rivers further


downstream. A total of 23 water monitoring points has been laid out in our concession agreement which includes 3 points located in the watershed upstream, 6 points located in the reservoir and 14 points located downstream of the power station. One of the most important metric to monitor is the oxygen saturation of the water, which is crucial in supporting life under water.



Nam Theun 2 conducts comprehensive hydrobiological monitoring of the Nam Theun 2 lacustrine and riverine ecosystems through various trophic levels and aquatic groups (plankton, aquatic invertebrates, and fish). The objective is to monitor the biological production of Nam Theun 2 reservoir (plankton monitoring), to access the aquatic ecosystem and fisheries in the project area (Aquatic invertebrate and fish).



Preserving the Chinese Swamp Cypress

The Chinese Swamp Cypress (Glyptostrobus pensilis) was classified in the red list of endangered tree species by the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature) in 2006. At present time, it can only be found in 3 countries in the world (China, Vietnam and Laos). Based on the research, the Chinese Swamp Cypress in Laos can only be found in the Nakai-Nam Theun 2 National Park where its population has been on the decline in recent years. With the aim of saving it from extinction, Nam Theun 2 and conservation partners have implemented efforts to reintroduce this species in the national park, where it is known to thrive. To this effect, since 2007 a group report to plant seedlings was led by Nam Theun 2 and is still active today, in cooperation with the national park, the university of San Francisco and the Royal Botannic Garden of Edinburgh.

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Monitoring Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Nam Theun 2 is cooperating with experts and researchers from EDF’s Center of Hydraulic Engineering and the University Toulouse III and IRD and IRD to monitor greenhouse gas emission across the whole industrial complex. In fact, the Nam Theun 2 reservoir is one of the most studied reservoir in the world.