Working for Nam Theun 2


Nam Theun 2 offers a diverse range of professions varying from general Corporate Support Services (Risk Management, Finance, ICT, HR, Facility Management, Corporate Affairs and Communications) to specific Hydroelectric jobs (Electrical, Mechanical, SCADA, Civil Work, Water Management, Hydro-safety and Operation) as well as professions in an environment and science.

Nam Theun 2 Aquatic and Environmental Lab

Control room at Nam Theun 2 powerhouse

Professional and Career development


With the organization’s Values, “Human Potential” and Visions, “Staff” that base on people or its employees as a key success, Nam Theun 2 heavily invests and is committed in developing its employees’ competencies and skills. Various development interventions such as training, both locally and overseas, coaching and scholarships are provided to employees. Besides, different career paths, development opportunities and promotions are designed and offered to accompany employees to reach their full potentials by becoming a specialist in their fields or taking managerial and leadership roles.

Living at Nam Theun 2


Nam Theun 2 is always striving for a greater quality of life and better wellbeing for its staff and their families. Nam Theun 2 provides modern residences, fully furnished accommodation on site, with free of charge utilities. Also, a range of facilities such as clinic, school, restaurant, minimarket, sport, as well as housekeeping services are provided to employees. In addition, entertainment activities and recreational facilities are also offered to employees and their families living on site, to ensure a social aspect of life.

The Residence Nam Theun 2 in Gnommalath, Khamouane.

Fitness center for Nam Theun 2 employees

Nam Theun 2 tennis court

Nam Theun 2 football pitch

Indoor sport facility for Nam Theun 2 employees