Nam Theun 2 cooperation with Nakai Nam Theun national park (NNT-NP) management division supported in logistics for wildlife release across the reservoir to the protected zone

On 28 August 2023, 2 jackals, 2 turtles and 2 tortoises were released on 14 September. The wildlife were transported directly from ban Keun, Vientiane province to NNT-NP by the charity organization called Lao Conservation Trust for Wildlife or LCTW.

Did you know? previously, those wildlife were rescued from wildlife crimes in the country and send to have rehabilitation at LCTW until they were fully healthy to get back to nature. There will be more release mission since NNT-NP is preserved as home of biodiversity.

One of Nam Theun 2’s vision is to preserve the biodiversity in NNT-NP at world heritage sites status.

Nam Theun 2 has been working hard in order to support NNT-NP in applying IVCN green list which is a global campaign for successful nature conservation.

LCTW, a Lao registered nonprofit wildlife center operating in Lao PDR, is a key corridor for the illegal wildlife trade in South-East Asia, as a gateway between Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia and China.