NT2 Sites Map

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Nakai Dam
Located at Phonesaard village, Khamkeut district, Bolikhamxay province
length: 439m
height: 39m
Type: RCC(Rolled Compacted Concrete)
Spillway type: 5 Radial gates
Spillway capacity: 7000m3/s
Transmission lines
-500KV line (to Thailand)
139km long double circuit to Savannakhet and Mekong crossing
-115KV line (to Lao PDR)
30km long double circuit line to Mahaxay
Nam Theun 2 Power House:
Sangkeo Village, Gnommalath District, Khammouane Province
Installed capacity: 1,080 MW
Average annual energy produced: 6,000 GWh

Nam Theun 2 reservoir: 
Catchment area: 4,013km2
Surface area: 450km2
Storage volume: 3.53 billion m3