Fresh Graduate Program


Nam Theun 2 is committed in “contributing to the development of Lao PDR” and chooses among its core values “Human Potential”, as we do believe that by developing Lao skills, the organization can contribute to the development of the country. Thus, Nam Theun 2 establishes a Fresh Graduate Program. This program aims to support the new graduates to put their educational knowledge into practice and to have their first working experience in an international organization such as Nam Theun 2.


This Fresh Graduate Program also offers practical work which will allow new graduates to better understand and enhance their academic knowledge with relevant work assignments. This will as well help prepare them for their future career.


NTPC offers a variety of professional fields to new graduates, for instance, Electrical, Mechanical, Civil Work, Safety, Environment, Accounting, Finance, Supply Change, Communications, ICT and HR.


If you are freshly graduated and looking to have your first experiences, then a fresh graduate program in Nam Theun 2 will be ideal for you

Internship Program

Internship program is designed to support young students who are at their last year of university to apply what they learned in classes into practice. This program will also allow students to explore their interests and develop their professional skills and competencies during the internship, as well as, enable them to experience real working environment and project their future career.


How to apply for an Internship?

Please submit the official internship request from your university, institution, college and Vocational School and updated CV and cover letter to