QHSE Policy

The Nam Theun 2 is committed to manage its operational risks related to its activities in terms of health & safety, hydro-safety and environmental for its staff, contactors and communities. To do so, NTPC makes the following commitments.


Risk Management

RMU (Risk Management Unit) mission is to act as the “risk control tower” of the company with the following mission statement: to ensure proactive, best practice risk management at all levels in the company, with a prime focus on zero harm.
Risk management will be embedded in everything we do, aligning strategy, processes, people, facility, technology and knowledge with the purpose of evaluating and managing the uncertainties Nam Theun 2 faces – so it becomes an integral part of our culture and how we work. Importantly, risk management will act to reinforce accountability at all levels for risks and controls.

QHSE Management System

Nam Theun 2 aims to enhance satisfaction of customers, fulfilment compliance obligations and related requirements, protection of the environment and prevention of illness and injuries from our operations and activities, products and services by being committed to continual improvement of Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental performances in accordance with the Company’s Quality, Health, Safety, Environmental Policy, objectives and targets and the company’s goals.

Nam Theun 2 is recognized internationally for the quality of its operations and services and the quality assessment process is continuous… so we must keep focusing on quality in everything we do.

Occupational Health and Safety Management System (ISO45001):

Provides organization with a systematic framework to prevent accidents and ill-health in the workplace.

Environmental Management System (ISO14001):

Enhance its environmental performance. Fulfillment of compliance obligations and achievement of environmental objectives.

Quality Management System (ISO9001):

Provide product and services that meet customer requirements. Enhance customer satisfaction and conform to statutory and regulatory requirements.