MEM Consultation on lessons learned on Dam Safety, Water Management, EAP for rainy season 2023
Nam Theun 2 representatives participated in a MEM workshop in Vang Vieng from 2 to 3 August. The workshop was chaired by the MEM Vice Minister and aimed to share experiences and lessons among stakeholders. The objective was to gather insights and information that would enhance the cooperation and knowledge of the participants. The workshop had 145 attendees from different sectors, including government agencies, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), the Lao Association on Dams (LAD), and Independent Power Producers (IPPs).
During the meeting, participants discussed several important topics related to dam safety. These included the Dam Safety Law, monitoring and inspection procedures, Emergency Action Plan TOR guidelines, weather forecasting for dam safety, and water management for dam safety. Additionally, NT2 delivered a presentation on the important topic of “Dam Safety: Flood Management Reporting.”