Our Publications

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1  NT2 phytoplankton functional groups.pdf Download
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1 Main features of the Nam Theun 2 hydroelectric project.pdf Download
2 Evolution of the physico-chemical water quality in the Nam Theun 2 Reservoir 5 years.pdf Download
3 Hydrodynamic and Water Quality 3d Modelling.pdf Download
4 Phytoplankton_community.pdf Download
5 Efficiency-of-the-Nam-Theun-2-hydraulic-structures.pdf Download
6 Fish-Population-dynamic-in-the-newly-impounded-Nam-Theun-2-Reservoir.pdf Download
7 NT2-Biofilm-in-penstock.pdf Download
8 Developing-approaches-for-establishing-a-fisheries-baseline.pdf Download
9 Malacology-and-parasitological-surveys-XBF.pdf Download
10 NT2 Wildlife rescue Download
11 Turtles_Tortoise rescue Download
12 The fishes of the Nam Theun and Xe Bangfai drainage Download
13 Spatial and temporal variation of Macroinvertebrates Download
14 5 years monitoring of Zooplankton dynamic NT2 Reservoir Download
15 Nam Theun2 Reservoir after four years comissioning Download
GHG Scientific papers
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1 Physical control CH4 emission – supplementary material Download
2 Physical control CH4 emission Download
3 Effect of sporadic destratification, seasonal overturn and artificial mixing on CH4 emissions at the surface Download
4 First assesment of N deposition budget-reservoir(Abstract) Download
5 Carbon dioxide emissions from the bottom and shallow NT2 reservoir Download
6 Low methane emission downstream Download
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1 Co-assessment of biomass and soil organic carbon stocks in a future reservoir area located in Southeast Asia – Abstract Download
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1 Total iron concentrations in waters and fish tissues in the Nam Theun 2 Reservoir area (Lao PDR)_Abstract Download
2 Fish assemblages in large tropical reservoirs overview of fish population monitoring methods_Abstract Download
3 Length-weight relationships of 8 Asian freshwater fish species from Nam Theun 2 Reservoir (Lao PDR)_Abstract Download
4 Fish catch and fishing practices in the Nam Theun 2 Reservoir and watershed (Lao PDR)_Abstract Download
5 Direct fishing and eDNA metabarcoding for biomonitoring during 3 year survey Download
6 Life history traits of the exploited Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) in a subtrophical reservoir (Lao PDR) Download