Handover Agriculture Center to boost agriculture production in Nakai District

Nakai Neua Agriculture Center, established by Nam Theun 2 Power Company (NTPC),
has been handed over to Nakai District Authority to share gained experiences to local
community to boost agriculture in the district.
The center, a part of Nam Theun 2 resettlement program, has served as tool to bring
new techniques of agriculture and livestock to Nakai people in order to improve and
change their livelihood from forest-based activities to commercial activities. The center
is established in 1997 to be used for learning center, exchanging experiences,
researching and demonstration for fruit trees and poultry breeding and other animals.
According Mr Khamsone Ounthavy, Director of Provincial Agriculture and Forest Office
(PAFO), the handing over of the center will be useful to expand techniques and
knowledge. “Thank you to Nam Theun 2 Power Company for handing over this center
to government and thank you for the support of company so far. The center will change
support strategy of Ministry of Agriculture and Forest and PAFO.” Mr Khamsone said.
The handover ceremony was held on 21 September 2013 at Nakai Neua village,
attended by Nakai District Governor, Provincial Agriculture and Forestry Office (PAFO),
NTPC representatives (Nakai Resettlement Office), Resettlement Management Unit, and
other government relevant organizations.
1,310 families on Nakai Plateau were relocated to resettlement villages to allow the
creation of the reservoir. With new village infrastructure built by Nam Theun 2 Power
Company (NTPC), the resettlement villages are equipped with new houses, water
supply and sanitation, roads, electricity connections, community buildings, schools, and
health centers. In addition to the new infrastructure, NTPC works closely with the
Government of Laos to strengthen local institutional capacity and implement livelihood
support programs to ensure sustainable incomes and improve living standards for
resettled villagers.