Nam Theun 2 co-chairs the first Wet Season workshop for Dam operators in the Lao PDR

First Workshop on Wet Season and operation Management Feedback for Dam Operators in Lao PDR

With support from the Nam Theun 2 Power Company (NTPC). 14 June 2018, Landmark Mekong Riverside Hotel, Vientiane A new first was achieved this Friday in Vientiane, Laos as representatives of the country’s leading hydropower projects came together with government regulators to draw lessons learned from the previous years wet season and operations management.

Co-chaired by the Ministry of Energy and Mines and Nam Theun 2 Power Company (NTPC), the meeting gathered all major dam operators in Lao PDR at the Landmark Mekong Riverside Hotel on Friday, June 14.

Dam safety monitoring, water and flood management, hydrology, meteorology, water release communication systems, emergency, and contingency planning were among focus areas of discussion at the one-day meeting.

Opportunities abounded for the partners in all hydropower projects to share experiences and raise any concerns related to operations in their varied and respective situations.

The gathering comes as part of efforts that are being made to pave the way towards reinforced cooperation and communication procedures to maximize dam safety and reliability in Laos.

Developing and strengthening communication channels between hydropower companies and the Lao government, particularly local authorities, can serve to ensure more effective and timely information sharing.

This is seen as critical so that surrounding local communities can prepare contingencies for any emergency response in case of unexpected situations that may arise.

“We are here together to find out ways to manage hydropower dams safely and allow sustainable development of dams in Lao PDR,” Minister of Energy and Mines Dr Khammany Inthirath.

“Therefore, all of us, and particularly all of the hydropower projects, have to follow dam safety regulations for the benefits of all stakeholders, and for the development of good dam models with regards to social and environmental aspects.”

The workshop provided an ideal occasion to stress the importance of sharing lessons learned among hydropower companies so that they can be applied to other projects, co-chair Nam Theun 2 Power Company CEO Olivier Didry said.

“This annual workshop is of paramount importance to better ensure the current and future safety of dams through meaningful knowledge sharing and capture of lessons learned,” Nam Theun 2 Power Company CEO Olivier Didry said.

This first workshop provides an opportunity to take on new learning, address emerging challenges and opportunities, strengthen networks, and build enduring partnerships across the hydropower industry, he said.