The Nam Theun 2 Power Company organised a virtual Nam Theun 2 Safety Week on January 19-20 to raise safety awareness among employees and contractors, according to Nam Theun 2 Power Company.
Usually held physically at the powerhouse in Yommalath district in Khammuan province, this edition of Safety Week was held under new normal conditions while keeping the activities as practical as possible though interactive videos and questionnaires.
All 260 employees participated in the event aimed at increasing their awareness on operational risks, health and safety, hydro safety, and environment.
The activities emphasised safety knowledge in relation to daily work routines, and life-saving rules that need to be always implemented for both industrial and non-industrial sections.
These included use of the blocking system (electro-mechanical) and blocking system (transmission line), lifting and carrying heavy loads, working at height and vertical rescue, road safety, First Aid, environment, cyber security and hydro safety.
This safety event comes in a timely fashion for the Nam Theun 2 Power Company, which just recently reached a milestone of five years without accident with injuries for staff and contractors on January 27.
Nam Theun 2 Power Company is the company formed by the Lao government and the private shareholders in the Nam Theun 2 Hydroelectric Project to build and operate the project for the first 25 years of its operation.
Nam Theun 2 is dedicated to running a world class hydropower facility and to improving the living conditions of people in areas around the project.
Its mission is to generate electricity in a reliable and sustainable manner, contribute to the development of Laos, and to be a reference for the hydropower industry.