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A Dam Safety Review Panel, composed of eminent, independent, technical experts was formed and given the authority to scrutinise the design, construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance of the Project. The Panel's role is to ensure that the Project conforms with all requirements of the World Bank’s Dam Safety Policy, including design, hydrology, engineering and downstream impacts. Members if the Panel have regularly inspected project sites and facilities since the beginning of construction.

In addition, all stages of construction are being strictly monitored to meet stringent health and safety demands. A full-time monitoring and survey team is permanently on site to monitor construction areas and worker camps to ensure that safety and environmental requirements are met and that all thresholds specified in the Emergency Contingency Plan are observed. There are 21 sample points around the site to monitor leakage, water quality, movements and displacements. Both NTPC and the Head Contractor operate safety teams for the benefit of local residents, workers and visitors, and community education is given to educate local people about the changes in their physical environment and the potential dangers of waterways and transmission lines.


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