Nam Theun 2 Development Fund (NT2DF)

The closure of resettlement implementation period does not mark the end of NTPC’s commitment to support community development. This commitment is carried forward Nam Theun 2 Development Fund; funding and coordinating specific actions focused on community development around effected project areas. The NT2DF is a major component of NTPC Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy and is a voluntary initiative of NTPC’s shareholders. The NT2DF provides designated funding for community development, building on accountable and empowered institutions.


The NT2DF was formalized into the NT2DF Cooperation Agreement signed between Khammouane Province and NTPC on 6th June 2018. The NT2DF has the exclusive purpose to fund actions supporting the sustainable economic and social development of the local communities living in the areas impacted by the NT2 Project in Khammouane Province, with a priority given to the Nakai District for at least first 5 years.


The funding amount of about 750,000 USD per year will be co-steered by the Khammouane Province and NTPC. NTPC will also pursue a variety of environmental programs as well as funding initiatives to local agencies until the end of 2035.