Laos People’s Democratic Republic
Peace Independence Democracy Unity and Prosperity

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
Nakai Nam Theun National Park

for the position of Independent Monitoring Agency (IMA)
to the Nakai-Nam Theun National Park Management Division.

The NNT-NP, as a special authority of the GOL for the Nam Theun 2 Watershed Area, is responsible for coordinating and managing all activities designed to conserve effectively the watershed, and its forests, habitats, wildlife and biodiversity values, and at the same time, safeguard the wellbeing, traditional livelihoods and culture of its human inhabitants, which are the objectives anchored in the Concession Agreement (CA) between Nam Theun 2 and the Government of Lao PDR (GOL). 

The Purpose and the Objective of the assignment

The IMA team will at least involve 4 long-term member: two international and two national experts. The IMA team will evaluate the activities, implementation of duties of the NNT-NP and give strategic advice to the Senior Management as well as technical personnel to increase NNT-NP’s performance effectiveness. 

The assignment will cover 7 areas. Specifically, the IMA will be responsible to (i) review the new or amended SEMFOP including annual plan and budget to ensure that the formulated SEMFOP serves the objectives and function of the NNT.NP as agreed in the CA, (ii) review the annual working plan to ensure it answers the SEMFOP objectives, (iii) provide certification letter for the Annual Work Plan and Budget and have this letter sent to the NTPC, (iv) evaluate the progress made yearly to achieve the set goals and objectives described in the SEMFOP against the objectives of the CA, (v) conduct a full mid-term evaluation mission of the SEMFOP implementation at which to be taking place in the third year of the SEMFOP implementation, (vi) identify training needs and technical assistance  needs for the NNT.NP, (vii) conduct a revision (assessment) of the partnership approach aiming to improve or strengthen the effectiveness of the cooperation.

Interested consultants should provide information indicating in the CV that he/she is academically qualified and experienced in similar assignments and tasks to fulfil the service requirement as stated clearly in the Terms of Reference. Full terms of reference and other details can be obtained/downloaded from the or by sending a request to or  .

Expression of interests should be sent to the address below and no later than the 31st December 2021, 16:00 o’clock (only short-listed applicants will be contacted).