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The potential of the Nam Theun River on the Nakai Plateau for hydroelectric power was identified as early as 1927, but it was not until the mid-1970s that detailed studies of the feasibility of a project began. In the late 1980s the Lao government targeted Nam Theun 2 as a key vehicle for the economic and social development of the nation, and invited the World Bank to participate in the Project. The government and various private investors set up a company and named "Nam Theun 2 Electricity Consortium (NTEC)" to research and develop the scheme. In 1994 Electricité de France and the Italian-Thai Development Company of Thailand joined the Project, and Nam Theun 2 moved from a conceptual to a development phase. The design and preparation of a complete set of economic, environmental and social safeguards took more than ten years, during which time NTEC became the Nam Theun 2 Power Company Limited, or NTPC. Project financing was gradually put in place and full construction activities commenced in June 2005.




Nam Theun river potential

Nam Theun River’s hydropower potential identified


Construction Activities Commence

Construction activities commence and implementation of safeguards


Financial Closure

Financial Closure (FC) and beginning of full construction activities

May 2005

Cornerstone Ceremony

Nam Theun 2 Cornerstone Ceremony

Nov 2005

Resettlement Villages

Construction of resettlement villages and relocation of villagers to new homes

April 2006 - April 2008

Water Release From Nakai Dam

Water releases from Nakai Dam for testing and commissioning

Jan 2009

500kV Transmission Lines

Energisation of 500 kV Transmission Lines & Substation

March 2009

Testing of Francis Unit

Successful testing of first Francis Unit turbine and synchronisation with Thai national grid

June 2009

Commercial Operation Date Achieved

Commercial Operations Date achieved;
25 years NTPC concession begins  

April 2010

Official Inauguration

Official Inauguration at the Power Station

December 2010

Project Lands Completed

Project Lands Program successfully completed

December 2011

Handover Downstream Program

Handover of the NT2 Downstream Program to the Lao Government

December 2012

Handover of NT2 Public Health Program

Handover of the NT2 Public Health Program to the Lao Government

December 2013

Nakai Out of Poverty

Nakai District declared out of poverty

December 2013

Household Income Target Achievement

Achievement of the Household Income Target for Nakai resettlers

January 2014