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NTPC’s Public Health Support Program started in mid 2005 with the aim of strengthening the capacity of local health services and to improve health infrastructure regionally.

NTPC’s Public Health Support Program focused on 93 villages in four districts around the project area (Nakai, Khamkeuth, Gnommalath, and Mahaxai Districts).

The program consists of five main intervention areas such as infrastructure development, capacity building, health education and awareness, health service delivery development, monitoring and surveillance.

Surveys conducted in 2001-2002 showed that the general health of people in Nakai was very poor, with high rates of malnutrition, infant and maternal mortality and parasitic infestation.

The NTPC Public Health Support Program made significant improvements towards the well-being and health of project affected people and their families.

Much of the improvements can be attributed to better living conditions and awareness of health issues. Significantly improved and much closer access to health care facilities resulted in a rapid increase in the utilization of health services.

More than a thousand health officials received training and study tours and the accumulative number of people involved in health education and awareness events has reached more than 200,000 people.

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