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The Project’s location is very favourable for a large hydroelectric power facility.The natural geography of the Nakai Plateau and the surrounding area is unique in that it allows a hydroelectric project with a significant head of water without a corresponding requirement fora high dam.

  • a 39-m high, 436-m long, concrete gravity dam with integrated spillway;
  • a 450-km2 reservoir (at Full Supply Level) with active storage of 3,530 million m3;
  • a catchment area of 4,039 km2;
  • an average net head of water of 348 m;
  • a Power Station comprising 4 x 250 MW Francis turbines (for supply of power to EGAT) and 2 x 37.5 MW Pelton turbines (for supply of power to EDL);
  • a double-circuit 115 kV transmission line to Mahaxai in Laos;
  • a 138-km long double-circuit 500 kV transmission line to the Thai border; and
  • a 160-km long double-circuit 500 kV Transmission Line from the Thai border to Roi Et (built and funded by