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Mission Statements Statements

  • Generate electricity in a reliable and sustainable manner
  • Contribute to the development of Lao PDR
  • Be a reference for the hydro industry


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For our Staff

  • We are a well-known Lao Company promoting Lao talents
  • We foster professional development
  • We are one team, helping each other achieve the company’s objectives through a process of continuous improvement

For our Clients and Shareholders

  • We enhance efficiency and reliability of our performance by implementing international standards
  • We optimize the use of all available resources
  • We aim to achieve a high level of revenues and clients satisfaction
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For our Communities and Environment

  • We are responsible and care for the environment
  • We make the local community a better place, now, and for the next generations
  • We contribute to the growth of the Lao economy by supporting domestic businesses

For our Company

  • We ensure that our operations and assets are safe for our staff, contractors, local communities and the environment.
  • We define our goals, anticipate the actions needed and manage the associated risks
  • Our organization and responsibilities are clearly communicated

NTPC Core Values

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Cooperation
  • Human potential
  • Excellence