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Monitoring Monitoring

In order to ensure that NT2 is developed and operates in accordance with all applicable standards, various types of monitoring are conducted on Project activities. In addition to internal mechanisms that constantly scrutinise implementation of all aspects of the Project, external monitoring is carried out by Lao government agencies plus internationally recognised independent panels especially established for the task. These closely monitor the Project’s development, and will continue to scrutinise its implementation.


International agencies

  • Lenders’ Engineer
  • Panel of Environmental and Social Experts
  • International Advisory Group
  • NTPC Board and Director Representative Team
  • Dam Safety Review Panel
  • International Financial Institutions (including the World Bank, ADB, EIB, AFD)

Government agencies

  • Environmental Management Unit (EMU)
  • Resettlement Management Unit (RMU)
  • Resettlement Committee
  • District Working Groups
  • Department of Energy Promotion and Development
  • Village Forestry Association
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
  • GOL engineer


Constant surveillance is carried out by the Head Construction Contractor and its principal sub-contractors to ensure construction impacts are within the acceptable limits set by the Environmental Monitoring and Management Plan. Checks are also regularly made by NTPC staff to assess:

  • Socio-economic status of people in project areas
  • Implementation progress
  • Impacts of construction on environment
  • Environmental & wildlife programmes progress